Top Destinations for Travel Art Lovers

Art satisfies a need in us that can’t be explained. If you love art, you understand all the hype around artistic work. You can spend hours staring at a single painting and still don’t get enough of it. 

It’s one way you get to connect to the mind, emotions, and the heart of the artist. And this is a feeling and satisfaction that you can’t easily explain. 

Travelling has never been better than the times we are living in. Today, you can travel around the world and see great works of art around the globe. Some artistic works date thousands of years back. And when you travel, you get the rare chance to see the world, culture, and human existence from the artists’ eyes. 

A really good friend of mine that we call danthemotorhomeman because he got into working on motorhomes because he’s always had one and when he had some issues on the road he fixed them himself. He’s the guy that got me and my family started to traveling the world and blogging about our travels

In this article, we’ll share with you top destinations that every art lover will find interesting for their next visits. 

  • Let’s Start With Florence, Tuscany, Italy

If you love Renaissance art, then your first destination should be its birthplace—Florence. This is a beautiful city filled with artwork all over. 

From it’s architectural works to paintings, there is much to see if you’re an art lover. Most of the artistic work date back to the 14th century during the reign of the Medici family, which was an early sponsor of art in Tuscany. 

In Florence, you’ll enjoy great artwork from Uffizi Gallery, which features Botticelli’s. In Accademia Gallery, you’ll have a glimpse of Michelangelo’s David art work. 

In this city is where Leonardo De Vinci drew the great Mona Lisa painting.

  • Paris, France 

Europe has been known for its great artworks. Second, from Florence is Paris. It’s another destination for art lovers. 

Paris is a French cultural city. Most people visit it for its history and vibrant culture. And one way to portray and preserve the culture of the French community is through art. That’s why you’ll love Paris. 

Paris has inspired great artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Dali. The Eifel Tower is a great symbol of art that has been an icon for the city since the first time it was built. 

Unmissable is the most visited museum in the world for contemporary art. 

And when you walk through the streets of Paris, you’ll enjoy artist work that you’ll see all over the city. 

  • Kagawa, Japan

Specifically, Naoshima Island, Kagawa is the hub for art in Japan. It’s a remote island in the Seto Inland Sea. It’s the home for modern architecture, art museums, and sculptures. The work featured in this island includes work of popular artists such as James Turrell, Water de Maria, and Yayoi Kusama. 

In Kagawa, you’ll also see artistic buildings designed by Tadao Ando under a tranquil backdrop of the Mediterranean weather. 

Parting Shot 

If you love art, there is so much to enjoy around the world. But Florence, Paris, and Kagawa will give you an experience that you’ll treasure for your lifetime.

Spain The Place To Live

Spain is located in extreme southwestern Europe and occupies 80% of the Iberian Peninsula that
it shares with Portugal. The country is full of stone castles, snowcapped mountains, amazing
scenery, historical places, and most loving cities. All this makes it a perfect travel destination.
The most significant feature of the Spanish territories is the sun, fun, and happiness shared in
every region and city. There is so much in Spain that it becomes difficult for a tourist to select
places to visit. But don’t worry as this blog will give you a short overview of Spain.

Why Visit Spain?
 Perfect weather conditions throughout the year make Spain special for tourists.
 Unique, versatile, ancient culture, and civilizations.
 Fascinating architecture
 Delicious food
 Friendly people
 Vibrant villages
 Amazing affordable hotels.
 Cultural events
 Beautiful beaches
 Spectacular scenery
 The infinite variety of food
 Cosmopolitan cities
 Every single town is unique and full of cultural colors.
 It seems to be a single country containing a mix of thousand of different civilizations.

Cheap Destination – let shop for everything
Spain is so cheap that you can almost afford anything you want. It has a vast area that makes its
food, goods, and wine. That makes a living cheap.

Weather – catch some rays
As Spain is in southern Europe, so it enjoys long summers and pleasant weather conditions.

Top Cities To Visit In Spain
 Barcelona
 Madrid
 Toledo
 Salamanca
 SAN Sebastian
 Valencia
 Granada
 Sevilla

Final Words
Spain bursting with stunning nature, beloved cities, friendly people, delicious food, and
fascinating culture, is the world’s second most visited country. This breathtaking country has
many beautiful places to visit. Come to Spain for a beautiful culture, unbelievable natural
scenery, antique villages, waterfalls, historical museums, and a sheer sense of fun.

Visit Tokyo

Japan is among the continent’s most famous tourist attractions. As well as being a global leader in groundbreaking technologies and style, Japan retains a good sense of cultural and historical roots. Without visiting its iconic capital, no travel to Japan will be perfect. Where else can tourists experience the trendy fish market globally, pray in a millennial temple, and enjoy eating out in beautiful Piss Alley everything in one day?

Tokyo is the largest global metropolitan city, home to more than 36 million residents spread across three provinces. In the 20th century, Tokyo was once known as ‘Edo.’ In Tokyo, the Harajuku district is renowned for its trendy streetwear. It is the core of the most radical traditions and fashion of young people in Japan.

Top Reasons to Visit Tokyo

Delicious Seafood

Tokyo is renowned for its excellent seafood, and the Toyosu Fish Market is among the top locations to have your palms on some. The country Tsukiji Fish Market moved to Toyosu in 2018, but the site now hosts the legendary everyday tuna auction in the area. However, you will choose to visit Tsukiji, where restaurants exist in the historical outer market.

Classical Temple

The active Asakusa community and its most prominent, the Sensō-Ji Holy Shrine, are must-visit locations. Tokyo is nothing without them. The classic temple is a sight for you to ancient Japan, with its famous red lantern and the quaint commercial area of Nakamise. In the vicinity is Hanayashiki, the old fun park.

Incredible Neighborhoods

In one day, tourists can discover the trendy neighborhoods of Harajuku, Omotesandō, and Aoyama. But make Harajuku if you only go to one. Takeshita-dōri (Street Takeshita) in the vibrant area is a place to look excellent, like Lolita, a Japanese fashion influenced by Victorian and Rococo clothes. Begin your shopping experience at Omotesandō’s leading brands and enjoy the incredible scenery and wind up at the Cultural Aoyama Art Galleries and Cafés.

You can buy whatever you want.

Tokyo’s Modern City is full of anime. Smart customers will find what they need to finish their list – books, DVDs, informative figures, trade and cardboard boxes, masks, newspapers, and limitless stocks of knick-knacks. The spot to try out the funky maid cafes in Tokyo is also there.

Old Tokyo

In historical times, there were less fortunate people living and working in Tokyo in the shitamachi (low city). There are specific locations nowadays in Tokyo where you can explore the ancient world. Yanaka Ginza is among them with its bustle, icy environment. Travel to the Yuyake Dandan pathway, used in movies and television series, is a scenic place to take a few images. There are still many lovely street cats in the city.

Final Words

Tokyo is famous for Animation, technology, comics, and video games. Akihabara is the epicenter of everything. At night, it becomes a jungle of artificial lights and colors, supplying travelers with overstimulation. Here being lost, shopping for screens, and photography are top hobbies.…